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What To Bring Hunting

For hunting other than Waterfowl you will just need valid Texas hunting/fishing license. Depending on the Hunt you are participating in we will advise you accordingly for any additional gear, camouflage, weapon, or ammunition type you will need to bring, as some of the gear needed for hunts is supplied.
For those clients hunting from out of town a 5 day "Non Resident" special hunting license can be purchased for $48.00 dollars.

For Texas Waterfowl Hunting


You will need a valid Texas hunting license with the current year's federal duck stamp, and your signature on the front of the stamp, once applied to the back of your hunting license.

Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete a Hunter Education Training Course, or be accompanied while hunting. Minimum age of certification is 9 years of age.

If you were born on or after September 2, 1971 and you are:

under 9 years of age, you must be accompanied while hunting.age 9 through 16, you must successfully complete a hunter education course, or you must be accompanied while hunting. Age 17 and over, you must successfully complete a hunter education course, or purchase a “Hunter Education Deferral” and you must be accompanied while hunting.


To purchase a Texas non-resident hunting license, click here:

Purchase a Texas Non-Resident License


You will need a shotgun. We recommend 12 gauge chambered in either 3" or 3 1/2" and 20 gauge or .410 for youth. We recommend shot size #2 #3 #4 (for ducks) and BB BBB (for geese) (Steel Shot Only) for the hunt. We suggest either an Improved Cylinder or Modified Choke tube. We can also supply shells for an additional cost per box if needed.

Eye and Ear Protection:

We recommend that our clients use hearing protection, earmuffs, ear plugs etc. We also suggest ballistic, protective eye wear.

You will need camouflage. We suggest either Real Tree AP, Mossy Oak Bottom Land, or Real Tree Max 4 or Max 5. Any camo will work, so personal preference is welcome. You will also Need to bring Mud Boots and Waders. Though may not be needed, its better to be prepared. We also suggest you bring some sort or head covering and hand covering such as a Hat, face mask, or beanie, and gloves. If you forget we always have extras! We also suggest some sort of rain wear or waterproof camouflage.


The only other thing you will need to bring is a camera for pictures, a cooler for game transport,  shotgun cleaning kit, gun oil, and a positive attitude, and be ready to hunt! Complimentary cold drinks are also provided.


We also have an excellent taxidermist that we use and recommend: Chris Bailey North Texas Waterfowl Studio 972-979-8798    

Retriever Training/Conditioning: We use and highly recommend: Eddie Noga and Zion Kennels (903) 640-3411