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Thermal Hog Hunts in Texas

The hunts take place on over 60k prime acres of corn, wheat, and soybean fields that always hold large numbers of feral hogs. We use state of the art thermal monoculars and digital thermal optics which greatly optimizes our clients success rates. We provide transportation within the fields in Polaris rangers that will comfortably hold six people at a time. Once the hogs are spotted in the field, we then maneuver close to the groups down wind and put our clients within 30-50 yard shot of the hogs. We use tripod shooting sticks that rotate 360 degrees to allow our clients to to stay stable and on target. Once all shooters are on target we have everyone fire at the same time and follow up shots once the group starts to disburse. Once we have concluded a designated property on the hunt all hogs are removed from the field so the land is left the way it was originally.

Night Hunting with Blackland Outfitters

On average we see groups ranging in size from 30-100 hogs or occasionally larger. There is no limit on the amount of hogs hunters are allowed to harvest and no trophy fees. We guarantee that our clients will see hogs and have a opportunity to harvest or no charge will be incurred to the clients. On average our hunts run about 60 plus hogs a month often times more. Feral hogs are an invasive species that cause around 2 billion dollars a year in agricultural damage so we are proud to partner with our landowners and farmers to help control the numbers and save our ag land.

We Can Help With Feral Pigs

If you are a landowner that is having feral hog problems please feel free to contact us and we will gladly meet with you to come up with a plan to help you by removing the hogs off your land.

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