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Blackland Outfitters Guide Service - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Daniel Fedako

Fall 2015 - Dallas, TX

Thank you!! Josh, Remi, and Blackland Outfitters made my first duck hunt unforgettable and turned me into a duck hunter for life. As soon as decoys were set and sun was up we had birds immediately landing and trophy birds to be specific. Josh was excellent on explanation and instruction on what to do and why we were doing it. Remi was impressive to watch retrieving and awesome companionship in the blind. I am eager to book another hunt and highly recommend this guide service.

Scott Edwards

Fall 2015 - Magnolia, texas

I had a great hunt with Richard. Richard has the skills to call in the ducks and turn the ducks back to you. A true professional willing to share his knowledge with you. He is very experienced and friendly. If you want to have a great duck hunt ask to hunt with Richard.

Tony Watson - Dallas, TX

The staff of Blackland Outfitters, Josh Joe, and Tyler, are very professional, friendly, safe, knowledgeable, caring and the best guides I have ever had. They put us on the ducks and within 15 minutes we had 3 limits. We had so much fun Duck hunting with them, we scheduled another Duck hunt with them for next year. The guides do everything for you except pull the trigger on your shotgun. My hunting group also plans to schedule coyote and hog hunts with them following the end of Duck season. I highly recommend Blackland Outfitters for all stages of Duck hunters, beginners to experienced hunters.

Thanks Gang

Ron Ragland - Dallas, Texas

Blackland Outfitters,

You guys did a great job on our hunt with you. We had the ducks decoying up close to us which was exactly what we requested. Thank you very much for the time and knowledge you shared with me and my son. I was a proud father watching my son kill his first of hopefully many ducks. We look forward our next hunt with you.

Ray Johnston

I hunted with Blackland Outfitters on November 5th 2012. I booked the hunt the day before because i am a touring musician and am lazy on scheduling weeks out. Fortunately Joe could squeeze me in. I stayed at the Americas Best Value Inn in Bonham Texas. The guides picked me up at 5:15 am and we drove 15 minutes to hunt the tank that was scouted the day before. Joe has been consistent on scouting and only feels comfy hunting me if he sees ducks in his areas that he hunts. Josh was my guide along with another "assistant" and they did all the hard work by setting out 30-40 decoys. I helped by providing the "pulsator" and man that thing works wonders. I had my 17 month newer bird dog "Lil Dude" with me and Josh had his yellow lab. The dogs worked great together and we got a three man limit on a tank that had lots of Wigeon this day. They run a first class operation and I love the fact that they scout constantly, so i feel I got a good chance of seeing ducks when I go. I will return many many times in the future. Ray Johnston Band and duck hunting go together like Alabama and National Championships!

Paul A. Eishen, Jr. - Killeen, TX

I want to thank you and the guys, Tyler, Tanner and Joe for some great hunts!  You are all great guides and dedicated to doing everything possible to make a hunt enjoyable and exciting.
You guys have some of the finest properties I have ever seen!  I have never seen so many Mallards in one spot in my life.  The heavy rains just prior to our hunt didn’t slow you guys down one bit and it showed with the areas you took us too, I’ve never seen that many birds falling into decoys in my life.  That’s what great scouting will do for a guide service and makes guys like me grateful for the work and effort you put forth to show clients a great time.
My first hunt with Blackland Outfitters was very special in more ways than one.   Not only was I with my best bud that I’ve hunted with for years, Ron Bolinsky and I saw more birds and varieties of birds than we’ve ever seen in one place, and to top it off, the last shot at the last bird got me something I had been waiting for since I started duck and goose hunting many, many years ago, a banded Mallard drake.  40 years is a long time to try and find that elusive band, but you guys made me one of the happiest hunters ever when you informed me that the one that I thought had gotten away, was actually waiting for me at the truck.  Tyler and Tanner had to run down the duck which I was and still am grateful for.  What made this even more special, was that I got this bird with people who eat, sleep, and drink waterfowl hunting, I had a great time in the blind.  A lot of folks forget that it’s called hunting, not killing, and not every hunt means a full limit.  No one can promise a limit every time you go out, but you and Tyler did everything you could to make all three days some of the best times I’ve had in a very long time.
The last hunt of the season will be remembered by my daughter Tiffany and I for a very long time, she got her first Mallard Drake and everyone treated her like she was their sister. She had a great time and plans to get her Drake mounted.  I also plan to get my four curl Drake Mallard mounted, which is the first four curl mallard I’ve ever seen and I ain’t going to waste such a fine bird.  I’ll get to sit and look at him for many years as he hangs on my wall in the future.  The last hunt was spectacular, I couldn’t hardly believe the Mallards that just kept dropping into the spread like someone had painted a big sign that said land here, what a show.
After three days of hunting with Blackland Outfitters this year, I saw 12 different species of ducks and 3 different species of geese.  That doesn’t happen just anywhere, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Michael W

Josh and the guides at Blackland outfitters are the real deal. My good buddy who is a novice duck hunter and I were fortunate enough to hunt with josh in mid-November. After being bumped by another guide who overbooked and let us know the day before there would be no room for us, I frantically searched to find someone who would take my friend and I hunting on such short notice. Josh was able to fit us in the next morning and what a fantastic hunt we had.

Everything happened the way he said it was going to and before you know it the birds were coming in group after group right over the decoys. I shot a limit in no time and watched my buddy new to the sport as he experienced a first class duck hunting experience. We really appreciated how hard josh worked to put us on the birds and can't wait to get back out with great guys at Blackland outfitters again!

Warm regards guys,

Jim Hammer - Parrish, Florida

Thanks again for showing Joe and I three great days of hunting. I have been waterfowl hunting for over 50 years. Over the last 15 years I have used many guide services in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Of all the guide services I have used, Blackland Outfitters is the best. Its going to be hard waiting until next season when I get back to hunt with you again.

Janet DeBerardinis

Went on my first duck hunt yesterday and Josh did an amazing job calling those ducks in to our laps! Thanks guys for a great time and a new passion for waterfowl! I will be back in January!

George Fowler - Houston, Texas

I would like to thank you for a great two days of Duck hunting. I had the most relaxing and enjoyable hunts for the duration i was with you and i really do look forward to the next time i can get back up there. It was fun. Also the accommodations you guys provided were comfortable, affordable, and almost too nice for Duck hunters!
You will be my first choice!

Donnie Smith - Georgetown, Texas

Day 1- hunt began on a big body of water known as "the lake". Being fairly new to Duck hunting with my kids we had no idea what to expect. Prior to legal shooting light the sky began to fill with Ducks trying to land in our spread and throughout the lake. To say we were in awe was an understatement. Caught in the moment we missed many legal opportunities to shoot ducks well in range, just witnessing such an event was priceless. It was at that point i remember Joe asking me are they too far, the oldest son's responded before i could and said I'm enjoying watching all these birds. Wasn't long after the shooting began a bit rusty we were as we hammered away without regard to the cost of ammunition.

An hour into the hunt we had only taken maybe a dozen birds, but they kept coming and our aim only improved as we began taking birds with single and double shots. The icing on the cake was a lone Mallard drake came in to the spread and the oldest son shot his first Mallard and as soon as it flipped belly up on the water we could see he was "Banded". What a trophy for such a young man to have for the rest of his life. By the time the dust settled for the day we had bagged 30 birds with some beautiful Pintails, Norther Shoveler s, Mallards, Wigeon, Ringnecks, Blue Bills, and Gadwalls. Day 2 hunt took place on a smaller body of water and while we didn't kill the numbers we had on day 1 it had some "in your face" Duck hunting. The birds were decoying to perfection. The first flurry began with 4 birds in and 4 birds down. The second was 7 birds in and 7 birds down. In all we bagged 12 birds and the beauty of it was my 10 year old son shot 3 of these.

The memories we share in the outdoors are ones we will remember forever. This was by far the greatest experience we have had, and we've had some good ones. My wife and I travel with our family and share these experiences. Our adventure wasn't limited to Duck hunting as we chose to stay and lodge with Blackland Outfitters. The cabin was great and had wonderful accommodations along with a private pond where my wife and kids caught some great Catfish and Crappie. If you enjoy water fowling and enjoy fast paced shooting with a laid back attitude. Check these guys out, they work hard so you can play hard! So whether you are looking for a guy's weekend, trip with the wife or one with the family. These guys will accommodate your requests. The best compliment you can pay a guide service is returning and before we could pack our gear and head home my kids were already mapping out how we can make this an annual destination. Thank you for the lifelong memories, from the Smith/Murphy Family

Derek Holland - Dallas Texas

My name is Derek Holland, pitcher for the Texas Rangers. I was recently invited to do a show with Marcus Spears and Ben Rogers called, DFW Outdoorsman. This consisted of myself being involved in a duck hunt. I was very excited as this was my first duck hunt ever. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guides from the guys at Blackland Outfitters out of Bonham, Texas. I want to thank everyone including the entire guide service, the lodge, Marcus, and Ben. The night started off great I was able to meet everyone at the ranch and really got to know who I would be hunting with, and also we went over all the safety procedures which was good and I was able to learn what was needed to make sure I could get that bad ass duck on my own.

Everyone at the lodge made me feel very welcome and comfortable and to me that's huge for when you go on a hunt. It's supposed to be a fun and great experience. I can't say enough about how great Blackland Outfitters and everyone was. What they did to help me experience something I'll never forget was awesome. I was also informed, I got to do the dirty work such as brushing the blind and checking out the area. To me that's amazing. Let's me see what it's really like and how it's supposed to be done. As for the hunt there couldn't have been a better way to do it. Everyone was having a great time and competing to see who had more ducks. Which as I said before makes the experience that much better. The day ended with a bang walking along the side and getting to kill more ducks while collecting the ducks that the dog couldn't find was fun to do as well.

This duck hunt of 2014 is one I will never forget and I strongly recommend anyone who is a duck hunter to check out Blackland Outfitters these people are very professional and guarantee a great time and plenty of ducks to kill. Can't thank them and the staff I was with enough for everything they did. It was a great time and something I'll never forget and I plan on going back soon for round 2 and many more.

David Strandberg - Edina MN

I didn’t grow up in a hunting family. But, I remember watching my best friend’s father work with the family lab in the late summer to get him tuned up for duck season. Another friend and his father hunted pheasants together. I loved hearing stories of their trips to the fields and wondered what it must have been like to have been there and experienced their adventures. A seed had been planted to pursue hunting on my own one day – but only time would tell if the seed would take.

The purchase of my first shotgun was almost 50 years in the making. I learned to shoot skeet. Next came my first pheasant hunt. I took my first rooster after about 5 minutes in the field and I knew before the shot was even fired I was hooked. I knew bird hunting would become part of my life.

Turns out pheasants became the “gateway bird” to waterfowl. I spent many winter weekend mornings watching duck hunting shows and wondered what sunrise in a blind must be like. What watching ducks and geese approaching, cupping and landing must be like to see, hear and feel in person.

After two late season goose hunts here in Minnesota I set my sights on wanting to hunt ducks. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. It was something I had to do. But, by the time the bug bit and bit hard the season was wrapping up here at home. There was no way I was going to wait until next season rolled around.

I had read about duck hunting in NE Texas, I saw photos and videos and decided that’s where I was going to go. So, I did what a lot of folks do these days to find something they’re interested in – I took to the internet. A search brought me to several outfitters in the Texahoma area and all had “sold out for the 2013-14 season” messages on their home pages. The Blackland Outfitters site indicated they were sold out for the remainder of the season as well.

Not wanting to take no for an answer I wrote several guides to tell them my story and to let them know I could be in Texas with a few days’ notice should they have a cancellation. I didn’t hear back from any of them – except for Josh.

He responded to my email early the next morning and we made plans to talk later that same day. The greatest part of the planning and hunting experience with Josh is that he understood what I wanted to do – and why. I was absolutely shocked when he invited me to come to Bonham for a two-day, mid-week hunt in mid-January. And Josh was going to guide me. He also welcomed my pheasant hunting partner, my black lab, as the only dog we’d take to the blind with us each day.

During our first conversation Josh promised he’d teach me as much as he could about hunting ducks – hopefully enough so I’d be ready to go out opening day next season in Minnesota. He said he’d have me out throwing decoys (and retrieving ones that didn’t end up where they should have gone in the first place), he’d teach me how to set up an effective blind, teach me how ducks live, feed and move, and when to call and when to just shut up and let things happen. There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to live a dream. The trip was booked.

Despite our phone calls and email exchanges prior to the trip you never really know how things will go with a guide once you actually meet face-to-face. Pretty much from the minute we met I knew Josh was going to make this adventure a great one. His easy going nature, his knowledge, and his desire to make sure every aspect of the trip was to my liking and his big laugh made for a powerful combination of characteristics I quickly came to admire.

Josh put me on to a lot of ducks during a time when things in that part of Texas were a bit on the quiet side. There was never a lack of shooting opportunities. One brief period of time I will never forget is when Josh spotted five geese about half mile away from the blind. After watching the geese for a minute or so he confidently said to me “…they’re locked in on us. I’m not even going to call.” And come in they did. Two got away to tell the story.

With three geese down Josh turned to me, stuck out his hand and with a grin that went ear to ear offered his congratulations. He knew what that moment meant not just for the trip – but for my life. I pretty much could have packed it up right there and I would have considered the trip an incredible success. But, I didn’t.

Josh and I had a great first morning together. We stuck around the blind longer than expected. When we were done he asked if I wanted to go back to the cabin (and they are great – stay there!) or head out with him to scout for the next morning. Without hesitation I said “scout” and off we went. Again, a few more hours with Josh riding across two of his properties was incredible. We talked ducks and more ducks. We talked about decoys and calls and shotguns. And we talked football and about pretty much anything else that came up.

The second day of our hunt wasn’t quite as productive as the first. But, as the expression goes, that’s why it’s called hunting and not shooting. Did we get ducks? Yes. Just not the big numbers Josh was hoping to deliver for me (to be fair, my aim – or lack thereof - contributed to the low number). But every duck we saw and took exceeded my expectations and made the trip even more memorable.

Flat out, Josh just didn’t give me my first duck hunt. He gave me the hunt of a lifetime.

Since coming back to Minnesota Josh and I have remained in touch. He’s been gracious enough to post several photos I took during our hunts on the website and we’re talking about scheduling another trip this fall. In spite of Minnesota being a great state to hunt waterfowl I know I’ll return to Bonham. Because when it comes to slayin’ ducks the two things Minnesota doesn’t have is Josh and Blackland Outfitters.

It was a privilege to hunt with Josh as my host and guide. Most importantly, it was an honor to leave as friends.

Chris Daiy - Major U.S. Marine Corps Ret.

Dear Josh and Joe,

I am writing this letter of appreciation regarding the Duck hunt my son Matthew and i went on with you last Sunday. I would greatly appreciate if you published this on your website for all to see. A few weeks ago i called to make a booking for my son’s first Duck hunt. As discussed over the phone, you were completely booked for the next 4 weeks and would be very difficult to book a day that would work for both of us. After a few phone calls you made an extraordinary effort to get us in. I must say the hunt was a complete success and the example you showed in professionalism and passion really made an impression upon my son and especially me. Even though we did limit out, the birds we shot were hard earned. You both made adjustments, found birds that would have been lost, moved to other tanks, and showed extreme patience with an eleven year old with a single shot 20 gauge. All your efforts that day were focused on a young boy’s first Duck hunt. The impression you made on him will set the example of what a true outdoorsman should be and the memories of that day will last him a lifetime. Again, I want to thank you both for an outstanding outing and we look forward to hunting with you next season.

With Kindest personal Regards,

Ben Lundberg - Allen, TX

What an experience! I was fortunate enough to be guided on my very first Duck Hunt with Blackland Outfitters this week and I am now HOOKED! I’m trying to find time on my schedule to go again this season. Not only are they a great group of individuals to be around, they are also very knowledgeable guides. They took the time to scout the lands beforehand, set me up in a prime spot, made sure I was fully equipped, and gave excellent advice to make sure I had success in the hunt and I DID! I cannot thank Blackland Outfitters enough for a great day. I’m looking forward to arranging more hunts in the future.

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